Shaping the future of sexual and reproductive health in the CF community

The Cystic Fibrosis Reproductive and Sexual Health Collaborative supports patient-centered conversations about issues that impact the CF community.

About Us

CFReSHC (Say it like “C-Fresh”)


Our collaborative engages adults with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) as equal partners with clinicians and researchers to develop patient-driven research projects.


Patient-Partners work with CF clinicians, researchers, and other advocates to improve sexual and reproductive health resources, healthcare, and knowledge.

Why CF?

As members of the CF community enter new life phases, they have more questions than answers. CFRESHC examines the pertinent issues, such as: body image, family building, pregnancy, parenthood, infertility, hormone changes, incontinence, menopause,  and more.

A Partnership between Patients and Providers

Members of the CF community are entering uncharted territory, as they are living longer than ever before. Our unique collaborative of patients and doctors is working to educate clinicians about the variety of issues that affect adults with CF.

The CF Reproductive and Sexual Health Guide

Written by patients, for the whole CF community, to educate clinicians and patients about issues that affect adults with CF, and to facilitate conversations between health care providers and patients.


Patient Task Force meetings and upcoming events

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