Quick Clinic Checklist

  • Acknowledge sexual and reproductive health as part of our CF. Are there any sexual or reproductive issues you are having that you would like to discuss?

  • Do you have an OB/GYN gynecologist that you see regularly who manages your gynecological and obstetric health?

  • Routinely ask:

    • Where are you in your menstrual cycle?
    • What kind of birth control are you on?

  • Are you sexually active?

    • Are you concerned about your contraception choice?
    • Are you protecting yourself from sexually transmitted infections?
    • Are you satisfied with your sex life and sexual function?

  • Are you planning to make any major reproductive decisions between now and your next clinic visit?

    • Do you have any questions or concerns about fertility or infertility?
    • Do you have a support system that you can rely on to help when needed if you choose to be a parent?

  • How are you doing emotionally? Are you navigating through any challenges you would like to discuss? I’m here to listen.

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