Appendix 1

Additional Questions to ask during a Clinic Visit

Each chapter team generated a checklist for the clinic visit. These questions can be found on the first page of every chapter. 

Each Patient Task Force (PTF) meeting provided attendees the opportunity to discuss potential questions for providers to ask patients and for patients to ask their providers. After the meeting, all members of the PTF were able to vote on their priority questions. The priority questions are listed at the end of every chapter.

In this appendix, you find both sets of questions by topic area.

Sexual Function

Provider to Patient: 

  • Have you experienced shortness of breath during intercourse? Would tips to support your breathing during sex be helpful?
  • Have you coughed blood-stained mucus during sex?
  • Refer women to a gynecologist or certified sex therapist to address their sexual function issues. To find a sex therapist visit:

Patient to Provider:

  • Mention any issues, concerns, or questions related to your sexual health to your CF provider and/or gynecologist.


Patient to provider:

  • How would my OB-GYN and Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) care be handled, and how will you communicate with each other?
  • If I’m interested in breastfeeding, do you have any information I should know? Do you recommend breastfeeding for me specifically?
  • Can we set aside time to discuss my questions about pregnancy?

Body Image

Patient to Provider:

  • Can we talk about how my appearance has changed since transplant?
  • I am struggling with X aspect of body image, who can I see to help me with this? Can you give me a referral?
  • Can we talk about body image issues such as better posture?

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