PTF Meeting Summary: Modulators and Nutrition

On August 5, 2022, Registered Dietician, Dr. Julianna Bailey from the University of Alabama-Birmingham School of Medicine, discussed her recent study looking at CF Modulators and Nutrition. 

Her study aimed are to describe changes in nutritional and metabolic parameters in a subset of patients with CF who were prescribed highly effective modulator therapy and to explore associations between nutritional metabolic parameter changes and CF clinical outcomes including lung function and BMI. The study measured weight, height, BMI, resting energy expenditure (indirect calorimetry), dietary intake (three day diet records), hand grip strength, and pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy. For the study, clinicians took a baseline measurement 30 days prior to the patient’s first dose of trikafta. They repeated the measurements 28 days after the first dose and six months after the first dose. It is important to note that the pandemic in 2020 impacted the timing of the data collection study dates and the study included a small sample size. 

The average baseline characteristics were a mean BMI at 22.8, REE 113%, mean caloric intake 2932 cal a day, mean fat intake 127 grams per day, bmi status; 41% underweight, 36% optimal, 18% overweight, 5% obese. (READ MORE)

Click here to watch the 36-minute presentation video for the findings of Julianna’s study. Future studies and analysis are required to better analyze how modulators are impacting members of the CF community.

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